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This will eventually become a weekly discussion event on a relevant “free believer” topic and may occasionally include important sermons and teachings from Pastor Ed. You may listen to any of these individual episodes online, download them to your computer for later listening, or subscribe to the podcast using iTunes (this is the recommended method so you don’t miss any of them!). The weekly “show” will be approximately 30-45 minutes in length whether it is a recorded discussion and/or interview or a sermon/teaching of specific relevance and importance to the Body of Christ concerning the love of God and living in the freedom for which Christ has set us free! Although this will be a weekly “show”, check back often as there may be additional “shows” (other than the regular weekly “shows”) posted from time to time. Your feedback is always welcome on any of these podcasts, whether they be discussions, interviews, or sermons/teachings. May the Lord bless you as you open your heart and your mind to hear the voice of the Great Shepherd and feel the compassionate touch of the Savior of the world through these podcasts!

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Follow the Rule Breaker

The Kingdom of God has rules, to be sure. Too bad they don’t line up with the rules men make up! Jesus was the biggest “rule breaker” that ever lived, and he wasn’t timid about it either. Who or what are you following, the doctrines of religion and tradition, or the Lord of all creation Himself? This is a message preached by Pastor Ed in a local New Jersey congregation.

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Killing the Sacred Cows of Religion

Pastor Ed preaches this “down to earth” message pulling no punches about how religion has set us up to accept many “sacred cows” that simply are products of the religious system and are not really flowing from the heart of God and His love for us. It’s time these “sacred cows” met their very timely end! Listen to this exciting, but sobering message and be set free from guilt, fear, manipulation, and many other trappings of the religious system!

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