Pastor Edward Fernandez

Pastor Edward Fernandez

Pastor Edward Fernandez

Pastor Fernandez is a fully credentialed ordained minister in the Assemblies of God fellowship. His previous ministry activities include directing the Cleansing Stream ministry, leading worship (guitar and lead vocals), singing tenor on the worship team, singing on the congregational Gospel Choir, preaching, teaching in the Evangel Ministry School (Berean University courses), serving a two-year term on the Evangel Church Board of Deacons, serving as the Minister of Pastoral Care at Evangel Church, and providing private pastoral counseling by appointment.


If you would like to receive or to view and/or download Pastor Fernandez’s current pastoral ministry resume, please send an e-mail request to:

Pastor Fernandez is readily available for guest preaching, teaching, seminar, conference, and ministry engagements at your church fellowship. This may include him sharing the vision of this ministry, or it may simply be to provide ministry services consistent with your own congregational vision and purpose. Pastor Fernandez is also available for pulpit supply and/or worship leadership in your church or for your event by appointment with advance notice.

Pastor Fernandez is a 30 year veteran of the Christian pastoral ministry here in the United States, but God has now called him to “…go into all the world” with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has been to Guatemala and Romania, with many missionary efforts and trips planned for the future, both at home here in the United States and abroad, wherever in the world God may send him.Ed playing in worship band for Worship Event in Romania 1

Prophetic Word – Pastor Ed’s Confirmation of God’s Calling Him to Missionary Service

During his mission trip to Romania (Sept. 17-30, 2009) he participated in a Worship and Prayer Ministry Night at Betania Romanian Pentecostal Church in the city of Targu Mures, Romania, on the night before he left to return home to the States (Tues., Sept. 29). What a powerful night of experiencing the presence of the Lord that was! Along with flowing in expressing his worship through his electric guitar as part of the worship team (truly a desire of his heart!),  he was also honored with the opportunity to preach and encourage the congregation that night with the Word of the living God. During the prayer ministry time following the preached word, he personally laid hands on and prayed with many, many of those in attendance that night. Before the evening ended, Brother Jon Nairn, a minister of the Gospel (from Australia!) who mightily flows in the gifts of the words of knowledge, wisdom, and prophecy, called him over to himself, where the following prophetic word was spoken by the Spirit through him (also attached as an audio file). He receive this word, and shares it publicly with everybody here on this web page, as confirmation of God’s missionary call on his life and ministry.

Jon: (addressing the congregation)
I’m going to do something right now in the Spirit…I want you all to reach your hands out to this brother here tonight. I want you to reach out. This is not like we’re visitors in this place. But this is as if we are family together, joined arms, as the Body of Christ. I ask that someone get a piece of paper and start writing this down. (someone did record this on his cell phone and sent me the audio file)

Jon: (speaking prophetically over me…I could not stand during this, as I fell in the spirit)
Hallelujah, hallelujah, thank you, Lord, thank you, Lord. I’ve been sitting on this for about four days, brother. Hallelujah. I want to tell Jon Nairn you tonight that God is bringing you into a place of specialized ministry. You would know from the Word of God that there was a special anointing oil that the priest used. This wasn’t common anointing oil, but special oil. It was that of special ingredients that were used. And God has brought together the different aspects and stories of your life, the times of difficulty and times of joy, the times of gaining of wisdom and understanding. And it’s in this hour that He is bringing forth the oil from your life. This is a special oil that will be ministered into the Body of Christ, and it will be ministered into the international arena. And you will be imparting something that is of a specialty and uniqueness through the Spirit of God into hearts. And in the past you have cried out and said, “Lord, why, why these times, why these trials? Why did you take me through these events? Why did you allow me to learn that?” But the Lord has been bringing together all these things to create a vessel that is going to call forth the anointing oil that will release, heal, restore, and create. Don’t be afraid of the future. Some things you have laid as foundations in your life. Through experiences you have laid some foundations. And you think, “they help me in my strength”. But God is about to remove them because He knows that you are founded on His Son. You are going to come into a time of freedom and release in ministry that you have never known or experienced before and the ministry that you will carry will be infectious, and people are going to be drawn to you. And you know on that day you’re going to look over your shoulder, brother, and you’re going to see many, many sons and daughters released into effective ministry in Jesus. Praise God.

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